Sunday, April 29, 2007

Jr. Hi Training and Event.

April 27-28, Awana held a training program for people working with Jr. Hi. students. Over 50 people crammed into our office for training on Friday evening and Saturday morning. Alex Chiang, C&MA youth pastor from Peru was our speaker. He helped these workers understand the dynamics and changes in youth work today as well as giving them valuable tools to work with.

On Saturday afternoon, over 150 Jr. Highers joined together for music, fellowship, and a challenging message from Alex on prayer. More than 80% made a commitment to pray daily and be in God's presence.

Randy was presented with a Birthday cake and signed shirt by his co-workers.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bible Quizzing (Awana Style)

March 31, Samy Ariza, one of our Awana missionaries for Ecuador held his first Bible Quiz. Three churches participated, demonstrating their Bible Skills for elated parents. We are excited to see that this ministry is getting off the ground.

April 1, No fooling

Joy and I returned from doing Missionary tours (deputation) in the U.S. Joy was in cold Pennsylvania while I was in Florida. No I did not choose that, we were assigned that way.

After three weeks of work, we met in Indianapolis and visited Randy's mother and brother. It was a great opportunity. Randy's mother has moved into a condominium that will provide increased help as she needs it. She seems happy there, and will be happier when warmer weather comes and she can be out a little more. We also got to attend a soccer game where Nathan, Randy's nephew, played.

The last week in the U.S. we were able to go to Seattle and visit the the family Joy's sister and husband (Bill and Allison Morris)came to Seattle to visit too so we could have a family reunion. We were able to stay with Dan and Mel who live across the street from David and Gretel so visiting the grand children was easy. Breanna is learning new words daily and Ian, just burps. IT was a great family time. We returned on March 26 (leaving) and arriving the night of the 27th. God was with us. Although Randy's passport was due to expire in 2 weeks the airlines allowed us to return to Ecuador and he is getting a new one here.