Friday, September 5, 2008

Join our Mission Team.

The task of reaching a lost world is huge. We believe that by reaching the most reachable and responsive group in the world, children, we can do the task more quickly. In Latin America there are more than 100 MILLION CHILDREN who need to know of Jesus. The amount of workers needed to reach them is beyond calculation for us but knowing that there are people who will help us in the task makes the job easier and more effective.

We NEED people like you to join our mission team. People who are concerned about the future of children around the world. People who have a heart to reach out and do something about it. We need people who are anxious to help children learn to be strong, wise, and spiritual leaders in the future.

We cannot do the job alone. God's work requires His children to invest in His work and to invest in reaching these lost ones. We need to raise $6,000 per month now for our ministry and living expenses. We need people who will pray faithfully for us.

Would you join our team? Would you be willing to be part of the extension of the Gospel to Latin America?

Write us at our e-mail address for more details. Your participation will make the difference for some boy or girl in Latin America for all eternity.

Return to Ecuador

Well, it is almost time to return to Ecuador. On September 17 we have reservations to fly DELTA from Seattle to Quito to resume our ministry base from there. After great times with friends, family, visiting churches and visiting with Christian friends, it is time to return to the field.

We have contacted as many people as we could about joining our mission team. The time has been great and people have been very supportive.

After we return, we head out to Venezuela on the 25th to teach in the Fall Conference there as well as make contacts with C&MA churches there to share Awana with them.

Pray for our travels, transitions, and adjusting back into the altitude of Quito (9500 feet)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

New role for us

Randy was named, Area Director Latin America and the Caribbean for Awana International as of July 16. Awana has 29 countries and nearly 60,000 children in these countries. The area is divided into three regions, S. America, Central America and Caribbean, and Brazil (for language reasons). Each region has a regional director who will be working closely with Randy for the development of program and oversight for that area. Joy will be able to travel to some of the countries as part of her ministry to the fields and to the wives.

We will be based out of Quito for the next two years. The C&MA and Awana strategic partnership will continue for that time. One of our focus will be that of linking Alliance churches with the Awana program in each country. Traditionally, children's ministry has not been a priority for churches in Latin America so part of our task is raising awareness of the need for children's and youth ministry.

Pray for wisdom as we seek to help develop Awana in this area. Alliance churches in most countries have yet to get involved in Awana as a children's ministry.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to S. Oregon

Joy and I have been traveling in S. Oregon, presenting our ministry and looking for prayer and financial support.
Those who know me, know that I enjoy photography and a unique opportunity came up. Our friend and host here, Pastor Cliff Meyer is part of a hot air balloon team. He invited us to go out to see a launch, and get some great pictures of the whole process. I have never been around hot air balloons before but have seen some beautiful photos of them. Now it was my turn. I am sticking in some for you to see. This team is made up of people committed to the Lord and His service and the Balloon is WWJD -- Walking With Jesus Daily and WDJD -- What Did Jesus Do? Every flight begins and ends with prayer.
When we got there and ready to take some photos, the pilot indicated that two of his passengers had canceled and invited Joy and I to take a ride. What a thrill.
A week later we went to help the team again and launched the balloon then was in the chase to see where God would take it. We tried to set down in a school yard but could not, but He took us into another field. One of the team members knocked on the nearby house to ask permission before we set the balloon down in their field and the lady came out smiling from ear to ear. You have come from Heaven she said. unbeknown to us, her husband is under hospice care and this was a real encouragement to her. We were able to pray for her and her husband and the next door neighbors.
Enjoy the photos.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with Elliott Neff, National Chess Master, at his place of business. He owns Chess4Life, a business that teaches life skills and principles by teaching chess. He has over 1200 students with whom he helps develop life skills by analyzing the game of chess. He recently hosted a tournament in the Seattle area with well over 1000 participants and over 7000 in attendance. I never knew that chess could be so popular, but most of all, had never analyzed the important life skills that can be taught through games. We are hoping to get him down to Ecuador to help our Awana leaders learn how to teach skills from Chess or other games.
I was so impressed with his organization that I am placing a link to them at the top right of my page. Check it out.


The last weekend in April we were able to get away with the children and grand children for a brief "retreat". For all of us it was a family bonding time. For the grandchildren, I think they enjoyed exploring the beach (that is fun for all of us). It was an opportunity for some to experience clam digging for the first time. There were oyster beds and "nests"of sand dollars. Dan, who works at Seattle Aquarium, can give guided tours of beach life so we had a learning time there as well.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Trip to British Colombia

Randy and David (our second son) were able to spend two days fishing with Ed Trainer, of International Fishing Ministries in the Vedder River in British Colombia. This was a great opportunity for Father/son outing, and to be in God's creation. Only hatchery origin fish may be kept, all natives/wild must be released to build the natural runs. Alliance Pastor Irv Bergeman joined us, shown here with a steelhead from the Vedder river. He lives by the river and gets to fish daily.

If you want a wonderful spiritual fishing retreat, contact International Fishing Ministries. Their link is at the top right of our Blog. They give special care to pastors and missionaries. A time with them is refreshing and uplifting.

Above, a view up the Vedder river, a native steelhead that Randy caught and released David and Randy with David's 12 lb 2 oz steelhead that was a legal keeper.


In the last few days, serious conflicts have developed between Colombia and Ecuador and Venezuela. You can find daily updates in a google search so I am not going to try to do that here.

Colombia invaded Ecuador targeting one of the top guerilla leaders, killing him and some of his people. Ecuador protests the invasion and has sent over 3000 troops to the border. Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has said that he will protect his country also, and is ready for war. He has sent troops to his border as well.

Pray for a calming of this crisis and keep yourselves informed by searching Google.

Thanks for your prayers

Ministering in the Pacific Northwest

Joy and I have been traveling to Oregon regularly as well as ministering in the Seattle area in the last few weeks. We spent a wonderful weekend with the Portland (OR) Chinese Alliance church and Pastor Jim Sellers.

Pray for our frequent travels (and that the gas prices do not keep climbing so much).

Here is our schedule for the next 30 days.
March 7-9 Dallas, Oregon C&MA church
March 13-15 Hillsboro, Oregon C&MA church
March 19-31 - Travel to Indiana to visit Randy's mother and family

Pray for our travels.

Friday, January 18, 2008

We are in the Seattle Area

January 9-10 we traveled to Seattle where we will make our home for the next 6 months. Some friends have allowed us to live in their log house until our apartment is ready. We will be visiting churches and Awana clubs around this area until July 08. We would love to see you, especially if you are in this area. Write us at: for phone numbers and other information.

We have received word that Tungurahua, an active volcano in Ecuador, about 60 miles S. of Quito is in full eruption.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

6 Month Assignment in Seattle

Yes, Joy and I are headed to Seattle for a 6 month home assignment. This is why we have not posted lately. We have been packing, closing down, cleaning out, planning, and saying good bye. We will be in Seattle for 6 months of deputation and fund raising for our ministry.

We hope to see many of our friends on this trip, as well as visit their churches.

We are hoping that we have found someone to live in our house (to watch it) while we are gone. An empty house--gets emptied! We have found housing in Seattle now and that is a great blessing.

Wednesday, Jan 9 we leave on Delta Airlines and arrive around noon on Thursday in Seattle.

Drop us an e-mail. We would love to make contact.