Friday, September 5, 2008

Join our Mission Team.

The task of reaching a lost world is huge. We believe that by reaching the most reachable and responsive group in the world, children, we can do the task more quickly. In Latin America there are more than 100 MILLION CHILDREN who need to know of Jesus. The amount of workers needed to reach them is beyond calculation for us but knowing that there are people who will help us in the task makes the job easier and more effective.

We NEED people like you to join our mission team. People who are concerned about the future of children around the world. People who have a heart to reach out and do something about it. We need people who are anxious to help children learn to be strong, wise, and spiritual leaders in the future.

We cannot do the job alone. God's work requires His children to invest in His work and to invest in reaching these lost ones. We need to raise $6,000 per month now for our ministry and living expenses. We need people who will pray faithfully for us.

Would you join our team? Would you be willing to be part of the extension of the Gospel to Latin America?

Write us at our e-mail address for more details. Your participation will make the difference for some boy or girl in Latin America for all eternity.