Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to S. Oregon

Joy and I have been traveling in S. Oregon, presenting our ministry and looking for prayer and financial support.
Those who know me, know that I enjoy photography and a unique opportunity came up. Our friend and host here, Pastor Cliff Meyer is part of a hot air balloon team. He invited us to go out to see a launch, and get some great pictures of the whole process. I have never been around hot air balloons before but have seen some beautiful photos of them. Now it was my turn. I am sticking in some for you to see. This team is made up of people committed to the Lord and His service and the Balloon is WWJD -- Walking With Jesus Daily and WDJD -- What Did Jesus Do? Every flight begins and ends with prayer.
When we got there and ready to take some photos, the pilot indicated that two of his passengers had canceled and invited Joy and I to take a ride. What a thrill.
A week later we went to help the team again and launched the balloon then was in the chase to see where God would take it. We tried to set down in a school yard but could not, but He took us into another field. One of the team members knocked on the nearby house to ask permission before we set the balloon down in their field and the lady came out smiling from ear to ear. You have come from Heaven she said. unbeknown to us, her husband is under hospice care and this was a real encouragement to her. We were able to pray for her and her husband and the next door neighbors.
Enjoy the photos.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Last week I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours with Elliott Neff, National Chess Master, at his place of business. He owns Chess4Life, a business that teaches life skills and principles by teaching chess. He has over 1200 students with whom he helps develop life skills by analyzing the game of chess. He recently hosted a tournament in the Seattle area with well over 1000 participants and over 7000 in attendance. I never knew that chess could be so popular, but most of all, had never analyzed the important life skills that can be taught through games. We are hoping to get him down to Ecuador to help our Awana leaders learn how to teach skills from Chess or other games.
I was so impressed with his organization that I am placing a link to them at the top right of my page. Check it out.


The last weekend in April we were able to get away with the children and grand children for a brief "retreat". For all of us it was a family bonding time. For the grandchildren, I think they enjoyed exploring the beach (that is fun for all of us). It was an opportunity for some to experience clam digging for the first time. There were oyster beds and "nests"of sand dollars. Dan, who works at Seattle Aquarium, can give guided tours of beach life so we had a learning time there as well.