Sunday, November 18, 2007

Paraguay Update

November 6-12, Randy was able to travel to Asunción, Paraguay to visit the San Lorenzo Alliance Church and the Awana club there. He was thrilled to see how the club is growing and to listen to the testimonies of people affected by the Awana ministry. Below you can see the club with Pastor Marcos Bernadini, Awana Director in the middle front.

This young man was playing and got dust in his eye. When he tried to rub it out, something abrasive cut a "J" shaped cut in the cornea which the parents did not see. This happened on Friday and on Monday they went to the Dr. They were told that the injury was permanent and the only solution would be a cornea transplant. Otherwise he would be blind in that eye. God intervened. When they went back to see the Dr for followup, she looked at the eye and said that it looks like he had perfect surgery on the eye. The young man can see perfectly from that eye. The Dr. cannot understand how his eye was repaired. Isn't our God GREAT!

Meet Julio- the parrot

Pastor Marcos Bernadini with his wife Lorena and his father

One Awana leader shared how she had been in deep depression for several months, sitting at home and crying. She was challenged to help in an Awana Club and says that working with the children there has brought her out of her depression and she feels better than ever.

Praise the Lord as we see how He is using this church to reach people with the Gospel.

Pray as they start a new church for middle class outreach. Marcos will be starting an Awana club in this church in March.